Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm #1! No I'm #1!

Who is your number #1 overall pick next year? Sure we are still in 2011, but its always fun to speculate. Check out the poll on the left-handed side of the page and you will see 13 different options. Sure much will change in the final 50 games or so, but I can't envision anyone else as a candidate for number 1 spot.

Most of those guys aren't in serious consideration, but I threw them in because there will always be that idiot at your draft who feels he owes a debt to Verlander for single-handedly carrying his pitching staff to a championship. I've seen it first hand during one of my recent football drafts. Someone took Drew Brees number two overall in a 14-team single QB league. And this is a manager I have the utmost respect for. That allowed me to grab Jamaal Charles with my 8th overall pick, even though I thought he wouldn't make it past the top 5.

Anyway back to baseball, there are probably 5 legit possibilities at #1 overall, but if was in that position, I would take Ryan Braun. Why? (Your probably asking yourself). Didn't you see Jose Bautista show 2010 wasn't a joke, didnt you see Matt Kemp single-handedly carry the abysmal Dodger offense? Yes reader I did, but here is my argument, one word, consistency.

Let me take a look at Matt Kemp's 2010 season (I can't pull up those stats, too many bad memories surface when those statsitics come up on my screen, but let me tell you, they are bad.) Jose Bautista is harder to make the argument against with consistency. I fully believe (99%) he is for real and he won't let me down. But the 1% of doubt in my mind keeps me from spending the top overall pick on him. I would gladly take any of them as my first pick, I just have more faith in Braun. I can't fault you for picking any other of the other options, just make sure you can defend your pick in the comments, should you choose to reveal your pick.

Now onto why I would pick Braun. Any 5 category stud has a place in my heart, but when you excel in all 5 categories, you make my heart sing. 2nd reason: He is right in the middle if his prime years. He will be 28 for all of next season, which is usually part of the best years of a players career. My final reason: he is the safest bet in baseball. Despite the fact that 2010 was supposedly a down year for him, He still had stats that looked like a career year for most players (.304/101/25/103/14).

So feel free to disagree with me, I know you will.just make sure you bring your argument.

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