Thursday, July 14, 2011

Top 5 sleepers for the second half (offense)

Look for these guys to Perform higher than expected, or bounce back from disappointing first halfs. Try to get them from a frustrated managers or off the waiver wire

Hanley Ramirez: Is starting to show signs of life after a miserable first two months. He is hitting at a .395 clip and is the 7th best player in all of Yahoo! the last 14 days. Do I think he will ever return to number 2 pick worthy production? No. Will he be a top 30 player going forward? I'm confident he will be.

Dan Uggla: He has screwed many patient fantasy managers all year, but look for a turn around. He hit 3 HR's and raised his OPS 41 points in his last 10 games leading up to the all-star break. He could easily go .255/15/40 the rest of the way.

Delmon Young: Coming into the year, owners drafted him hoping to get another 100 RBI campaign. He has largely disappointed those owners, and now currently resides on the waiver wires in most shallow leagues. He is definetly worth picking up if you are looking for a serviceable OF3. He will sport a solid AVG. and should pick up the RBI production.

Stephen Drew: He has always been a 2nd half player, and with scarcity of serviceable SS in the game right now, he is a player that should Top 8 SS performance the rest of the way.

Angel Pagan: Spent some time on the DL at the beginning of the season, but he is running again with a recent stretch of 4 straight games with a SB. Grab him now if you are desperate for steals.

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